Capcom’s Mega Man Legacy Collections should have embraced these bizarre gems

Uber Man Legacy Collection 2 has quite recently turned out for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It contains Mega Man 7 through 10. Consolidated with the principal Legacy Collection (which hold the initial six Mega Man amusements), having both should give you a total accumulation of the great arrangement, isn’t that so?


Also, I’m not discussing the spinoff arrangement, as Mega Man X or Mega Man Legends. Those developed into their own establishments that stand edgy from the first Mega Man line (it resembles the contrast between Donkey Kong Country contrasted with Super Mario Kart). Indeed, even in the exemplary establishment, Capcom has discharged some extraordinary (or, in any event, fascinating) amusements highlighting the first incarnation of the Blue Bomber. Unfortunately, none of these made it into the current accumulations, and they’re presumably excessively dark, making it impossible to legitimize their own package.

However, we will simply ahead and give them the adoration that Capcom won’t. We will discuss the five (well, six, sort of) greatest oversights from the Mega Man Legacy Collections.


The nonappearance of Mega Man and Bass damages the most. Despite the fact that it doesn’t have a favor number in its title, it’s an all out 2D Mega Man that turned out not long after No. 8. Obviously, it had a considerable measure conflicting with it. In spite of the fact that Mega Man 8 was a PlayStation diversion, this section backpedaled to the maturing Super Nintendo. It additionally didn’t initially observe a discharge outside of Japan. We didn’t get the chance to play it until the point that a Game Boy Advance port in 2003.

Many fans consider this the establishment’s ninth portion some time before Mega Man 9’s discharge in 2008. It’s an incredible platformer that presents Mega Man’s opponent Bass as a playable character, who contrasts from Mega Man by having the capacity to twofold hop and shooting in numerous ways. Bass initially appeared in Mega Man 7 as an appearing partner, yet the diversion later uncovered him as another making of Dr. Wily, the arrangement’s famous scalawag (in spite of the fact that he will defy Wily.

I can comprehend why a portion of the accompanying recreations on this rundown aren’t in the Legacy Collections, yet Mega Man and Bass’ oversight is a major dissatisfaction.


Believe it or not, the Sega Genesis has its own Mega Man amusement! The Wily Wars contained 16-bit revamps of the initial three titles in the arrangement. In any case, in the wake of beating every one of the three, you open another crusade that components managers in light of the popular Journey toward the West story.

Unfortunately, this is another diversion that is practically unimaginable for U.S. Super Man fans to play legitimately. It was never accessible at retail. Rather, you can just play it on the off chance that you subscribed to Sega’s costly and awkward Sega Channel benefit, an early type of advanced amusement conveyance.

The Legacy Collections would have been an extraordinary chance to at long last make Wily Wars accessible to those outside the copying scene.


Alright, yes. Uber Man Soccer is as senseless as it sounds. It’s a soccer computer game, however with Mega Man characters supplanting conventional competitors. What’s more, it’s awesome.

Alongside your conventional soccer abilities, each character has a unique expertise. Air pocket Man, for instance, would encompass the ball with an air pocket, which would then exchange to any contradicting player it, sending them flying into the air. Bomb Man, in the interim, would transform the ball into a hazardous that would thump out another player on contact.

It’s a cluster of silly fun, and I would have wanted to have it on a present day framework.


Despite everything i’m angry about this one. It never observed a discharge in the U.S., however Capcom was wanting to bring it here eventually. I strikingly recall seeing promotions for the racer in the back of my gaming magazines, filling me with energy. Be that as it may, it never came.

Fight and Chase in the long run made it over to the U.S. as an unlockable in the Mega Man X Anniversary Collection that turned out for PlayStation 2 and GameCube in 2006. Hello, making a dark title in the arrangement a reward for a gathering? What an original thought! I wish that the Legacy Collections would have thought of that.


The Power Battle, alongside its spin-off (1996’s The Power Fighters), are activity stuffed. They’re similar to playing a conventional Mega Man amusement yet just with the managers, and it included agreeable activity. So you and a companion could go up against floods of robot experts together, taking control of characters like Mega Man, Proto Man, and Bass.

The diversions are basic, yet the arcade-like activity is fun, and it’s an uncommon agreeable affair for the arrangement. Both were incorporated into the 2004 Mega Man Anniversary Collection, by and by demonstrating how those more seasoned groups were eager to pack in more esteem.

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