The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Family Dinner continues tonight

Wrongdoing Time™ is back at 8 p.m. Pacific today. That is the point at which the Games Industry Family Chicken Dinner Invitational Tournament comes back to GamesBeat’s Twitch channel. Like a week ago, this is a senseless night of custom PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds matches where people that work in and around the amusements business meet up to kill each other in the last-player-standing shooter. Last Friday, we played well into Saturday morning, and you can discover a portion of the best minutes ideal here.

I your GamesBeat PC gaming editorial manager Jeffrey Grubb will have. Today around evening time, we are wanting to concentrate on squad matches. We may welcome watchers into go along with us soon, and who knows — the tenets could get peculiar. We may likewise end with a couple of zombies coordinates too. Notwithstanding our stream, different members may run their very own communicates. You can discover those via looking Twitter for the #PUBGFamilyDinner hashtag.

The prize pool is zero dollars, and the main blessing is a feeling of predominance. In any case, that doesn’t mean it isn’t engaging.

Go along with us by clicking play underneath or jumping over to We’ll see you this evening!

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