Gambitious rebrands as Good Shepherd to invest in the indie game revival

Gambitious rebrands as Good Shepherd to invest in the indie game revival

Gambitious began a couple of years prior as a crowdfunding stage for outside the box diversions. Presently the organization is rebranding itself as Good Shepherd Entertainment with the objective of social affair more financial specialists and subsidizing quality autonomous titles.

Great Shepherd fellow benefactor Mike Wilson said that G ambitious did OK raising cash from a system of financial specialists and making productive, littler PC diversions. Be that as it may, it didn’t have a great deal of assets, and a similar gathering of officials concentrated a greater amount of their consideration on Devolve Digital, which has turned into an effective non mainstream diversion distributor. Wilson is getting ready to concentrate a large portion of his chance on working out Good Shepherd to put resources into outer groups.

The organization is called Good Shepherd since that is the thing that we must be, said Wilson, who is likewise a prime supporter of Devolver. We need to deal with the financial specialists’ cash. We want to make the diversions more cleaned with our generation group and make a superior showing with regards to showcasing. It was wonderful this organization did and in addition it did. That was the reason we chose to raise some cash and incline toward it.

Gambitious expressed in the Netherlands in 2011. Prepare Fever and Transport Fever were the best Gambitious diversions, while the best known were Hard West, Hard Reset, and Zombie Night Terror.

They weren’t breakout hits, yet they found a crowd of people, Wilson said.

Great Shepherd will likewise have its home office in the Netherlands, however Wilson, who as of late moved from Austin, Texas, to British Columbia, said the group will be spread out all through the world. Great Shepherd has had an implantation of new capital from certify financial specialists and another authority group. Wilson declined to state how much the organization raised. Devolver is the greatest financial specialist in Good Shepherd.

Wilson himself has had a rich history in recreations. He was the principal business fellow at id Software, back in the days when it made amusements, for example, Doom and Quake. He was a prime supporter of Ion Storm, Gathering of Developers, SubstanceTV, and Gamecock Media Group. In late 2008, he helped to establish Devolver Digital with long-term accomplice Harry Miller and others. That organization made independent hits, for example, Serious Sam 3 and Hotline Miami.

Great Shepherd will concentrate on enhancing creation esteems in outside the box recreations, particularly composing, music and voice acting, while at the same time reinforcing its promoting group and forcefully developing its restrictive private speculator system to take part in its effective income sharing model.


The recently extended group incorporates officials from Devolver Digital, Sony, South by Southwest and Wilson will be the boss inventive officer. Brian Grigsby, another prime supporter of Devolver, will be the CEO, and Gambitious author Paul Hanraets will fill in as president. Ben Andac will be a business and item engineer.

We are to a great degree satisfied to extend the worldwide media and amusement experience of our venture group and representing board,” said Grigsby, in an announcement. The crisp working capital will now enable us to plan for scale and the extension of our remarkable venture opportunity giving intrigued financial specialists the way to partake in the billion-dollar worldwide computer game industry.

The forthcoming diversions already declared under the Gambitious distributing name — Milanoir, MachiaVillain, and Outreach — will now be discharged under the Good Shepherd name. Each of these titles will keep on receiving the organization’s full help, with every single pertinent resource rebranded properly.


Great Shepherd’s first unique signings incorporate Dim Bulb Games and Serenity Forge’s Where the Water Tastes Like Wine, which got seven “best of E3” designations, and Phantom Doctrine, the organization’s most driven venture yet.

Wilson said that the majority of the administrators and financial specialists can put resources into the amusements under similar terms.

Devolver needs to remain little and work as it has, Wilson said. This is an approach to put resources into a bigger arrangement of amusements through another name.

To the extent entries for diversion pitches, Wilson stated, We are getting entries from wherever on the planet.

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