Vava’s Moov 14 Gaming Earbuds Pound Your Noggin With Thumping Bass

Vava’s Moov 14 Gaming Earbuds Pound Your Noggin With Thumping Bass

For around $25, you can locate a perpetual number of earbuds on the web. In any case, Vava, a maker of assortment of shopper hardware items, is meaning to prevail upon the gaming gathering of people with its passage into this segment. The organization’s Moov 14 Gaming Earbuds are accessible now for $26, and it’s situating them with an emphasis on 3D encompass sound.

Vava discusses its “recurrence division” innovation for better empowering virtual 7.1. Does it work? Some of the time. In any case, the genuine feature here is the overwhelming bass.

When I initially connected the Moov 14 to my PC, I didn’t see the encompass sound. I couldn’t see anything past the staggering bass. The earbuds exceed expectations with regards to the thundering lower frequencies. Blasts, motors, and strides on floors have a loud quality to them.

I found that the bass thundered in any case what gadget I used to test these earbuds. I connected them to my telephone, and the sound playlist I use for experimenting with earphones sounded further than I’ve at any point heard it without experiencing a speaker or a USB-controlled headset. With the Moov 14’s blend of compact earbud arrangement and pounding bass, you have the capacity to add additional vitality to your amusements anyplace you go.

I cherished utilizing the earbuds with my Switch, in light of the fact that Nintendo’s half breed convenient doesn’t put out a great deal of energy through its earphone jack. However, this doesn’t make a difference with the Moov 14. It can take a powerless flag and give it existence with the way it handles bass.

I additionally cherish the attack of the Moov 14. The earbuds’ bases have a bulbous globe outline, and you can change between three various types of covers. I ran with the biggest buds, and they didn’t bring on any tingling or different irritations.

The round driver housings, which you put into the folds of your ears, utilize an aluminum compound that has a pleasant, cool feel against the skin. I likewise found that these metal driver lodgings tend to hold set up superior to plastic earbuds. That implies they don’t drop out while you’re up and moving around.

The Moov 14 isn’t excessively bassy. The issue is that the earbuds make a poorer showing with regards to with everything else. Mid-tones and highs sound powerless, and that implies the bass washes it out whether you’re tuning in to the earbuds through the advanced to-simple converter in your telephone or through a devoted earphone amp. In a perfect world, I’d jump at the chance to keep this bass and have highs and mids to coordinate.

When I tuned in to Steely Dan’s “Hello Ninenteen,” the bassline and percussion fly to life, however the singing and whatever is left of the band sound thin. A comparative marvel occurs with the encompass sound. Virtual stereo encompass is a standard component nowadays, and keeping in mind that a few people abhor it, it can work. What’s more, it works here, yet it was hard to pinpoint directional sound if an excess of bass was occurring at the same time.


The Vava Moov 14 is a simple suggestion if the bass is the thing that you think about the most. For $26, these earbuds will make most diversions feel like the last parts of a dubstep track, and that is the advantage of utilizing earbuds. Since the sound drivers are nearer to your ears, they can control solid sounding bass even from powerless sources.

It’s additionally a fine interchange and media gadget with an implicit receiver and controls on its link. The enormous negative here is that the bass is now and again excessively solid, however that is just an issue in particular conditions like a diversion that has a great deal of exchange occurring amid activity arrangements.


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